H 7364 BP

H 7364 BP
Cleaning convenience
Hinged grill elementYes
Pyrolytic self-cleaning Pyrolytic cleaning Less cleaning effort: Automatic self-cleaning of the cooking compartment at high temperatures.Yes
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish CleanSteel No fingerprints on stainless steel: surface has special finish which keeps clean without special cleaning agents.Yes
walls and curtains: Significantly reduces grease deposits and odours.Yes
Construction type
Built-in ovenYes
Construction type and design
ColourStainless steel/Clean Steel
Convenience features
Food probe Food probe No supervision necessary: the cooking time ends when the set core temperature is reached.Yes
golden finish on your quiche or tarts.Yes
Keeping warm Keeping warm function At the end of a programme: the appliance keeps cooked food warm at serving temperature for up to 15 minutes.Yes
the oven compartment is cooled down to stop the food cooking.Yes
CleanGlass door CleanGlass door Lightweight and uncomplicated: The door's smooth surface makes cleaning after roasting a pleasure.Yes
SoftOpen SoftOpen Elegant and graceful: The appliance door opens softly and is gently brought to the end position.Yes
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D)A+
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D) Energy efficiency Low energy consumption: protects the environment and saves money.A+
Rapid heat-up Rapid heat-up When you're in a rush: this programme heats the oven up extra quickly.Yes
which ensures intelligent energy management.Yes
Networking of domestic appliances
and WiFiConn@ct.Yes
check the status or control the appliance.Yes
Operating modes
Auto roast Auto roast For automatic searing and continued roasting in one work step.Yes
Bottom heat Bottom heat Special requirements: for cooking food in a bain-marie or for browning from underneath.Yes
cakes or poultry – food is cooked fully automatically.Yes
classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.Yes
Country-specific automatic programmesYes
Defrosting Defrost Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.Yes
Fan plus Fan Plus Perfect results: ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels.Yes
Gentle bake Gentle bake Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent oven bakes depending on model.Yes
moist on top.Yes
Moisture plus Moisture Plus As if fresh from the baker: moisture ensures an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.Yes
Moisture plus with Conventional heatYes
Moisture plus with Fan plusYes
rolled meat and many other meat dishes.Yes
Oven compartment
enough room for poultry or a whole fish.76
Large capacity oven76
No. of shelf levels5
Numbered shelf levelsYes
Oven compartment volume in l76
Door lock during pyrolytic cleaningYes
for example by children.Yes
providing protection against burns.Yes
Sensor lockYes
the safety switch-off steps in for you.Yes
Technical data
Appliance depth in mm569
Appliance height in mm596
Appliance width in mm595
Frequency in Hz50
Fuse rating in A16
Length of supply lead in m1.70
Niche depth in mm550
Niche height max in mm595
Niche height min in mm593
Niche width max in mm568
Niche width min in mm560
Number of phases1
Oven light1 LED spot
Total rated load in kW3.60
Weight in kg47.00
User convenience
Actual temperature displayYes
Buzzer when desired temperature is reachedYes
Clock synchronisation Clock synchronisation The clocks on all your Miele networked appliances are set to exactly the same time.Yes
Date displayYes
display brightness and much more can be individually adjusted.Yes
e.g. boiling eggs.Yes
finishing time and duration of the cooking process are easy to select.Yes
or duration of the cooking process quickly and with ease.Yes
Programmable end of cooking durationYes
Programmable start of cooking durationYes
Recommended temperature Recommended temperatures Decision making made easy: The recommended temperature will appear in the display.Yes
SoftClose SoftOpen & SoftClose  Refined and elegant: the door opens and closes with a gentle movement from beginning to end.Yes
Target temperature displayYes
temperature and duration and save for repeated use.Yes
Timed steam bursts programmableYes


Oven attractive stainless steel design with food prob and LED lighting. 

  • Large clear text display with sensor controls – DirectSensor
  • Minimal cleaning effort – Pyrolytic cleaning equipment & PyroFit
  • Especially light dough and nicely browned crusts – Moisture plus
  • Ensures your food won’t overcook – TasteControl
  • Network-enabled WiFi appliance – Miele@home
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