TCR860 WP Eco&Steam WiFi&XL

TCR860 WP Eco&Steam WiFi&XL
Appliance networking
WiFiConn@ct WiFiConn@ct Simply go online: go on the internet via plug&play and enjoy many benefits with the Miele app when at home and away.Yes
Construction type
Door hingeleft
Side-by-side Side-by-Side Appliance can be installed side-by-side with a washing machine/tumble dryer.Yes
Slot-in Slot-in Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.Yes
Suitable for stacking Stackable This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.Yes
the appliance can also be built into a niche of 82 cm.Yes
Appliance colourLotus white
Control panel colourLotus white
Door designChrome
Drying options
Anti-crease Wrinkle-free Practical: the laundry is regularly loosened and remains protected against crease formation.Yes
Freshen upYes
Gentle tumbleYes
Drying programmes
Automatic plus Automatic Plus For mixed loads: cottons and polycottons can be conveniently processed together.Yes
Bed linenYes
bleached stripes and creases.Yes
Cool air Airing Do without washing: Many items of clothing and soft toys can be refreshed by airing them.Yes
Cottons (coloureds)Yes
Cottons EcoYes
Cottons hygiene Cottons hygiene / Minimum iron Hygiene Reliable effect: Bacteria and mites are deactivated efficiently thanks to a combined temperature-time profile.Yes
down or synthetic fillingYes
Express Express Sometimes things have to be done fast: so small laundry loads are dried quickly and can be used again.Yes
maintaining their quality.Yes
Minimum ironYes
Outerwear Outerwear Gentle drying without loss of function: retains the functional properties of multi-layered membrane fabric.Yes
Pre-ironing Pre-ironing Visibly crease-resistant: creases are gently removed from wet and dry laundry.Yes
Proofing Proofing Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.Yes
Shirts Shirts Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.Yes
Silks handcare Finish Silks Hardly any creases: Silk textiles are dried so gently that creasing is minimised.Yes
Sportswear Sportswear The fitness programme: sportswear is ready to wear again in next to no time.Yes
Steam careYes
trainers and small woollen items are dried gently. brFor all textiles or items which should not be subjected to mechanical action in the drum.Yes
Warm air Airing Do without washing: Many items of clothing and soft toys can be refreshed by airing them.Yes
Drying results
Intelligent drum reversal Intelligent drum reversal For best drying results: changing the direction of drum rotation prevents laundry from tangling and creasing.Yes
Perfect Dry Perfect Dry Always perfectly dried: PerfectDry detects the mineral content of the water and modifies the drying process.Yes
SteamFinish SteamFinish Less need for ironing: steam and heat smooth textiles while they are drying in the tumble dryer.Yes
Efficiency and sustainability
Annual energy consumption in kWh193
Condensation efficiency class Highest condensation efficiency Best protection for room and furniture: 50% less moisture loss than required for condensation efficiency class A.A
Duration in minutes in the standard programme208
EcoDry technologyYes
EcoFeedback function EcoFeedback Consumption under control: this function gives you full control over electricity and water consumption.Yes
Energy consumption in kWh in the Cottons Normal dry standard programme with a full load1.63
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D)A+++
Maintenance-free heat exchanger Maintenance-free heat exchanger Well protected: A filter protects the heat exchanger so it no longer requires cleaning.Yes
powerful energy-saving wash with Miele ProfiEco EnergySave motor. Long-lasting.Yes
Sound power in the standard cottons programme with full load in db(A) re 1 pW62
Gentle laundry care
Honeycomb drum Honeycomb drum Gentle care: the hexagonal sculptured surface of the drum allows garments to glide on a thin film of water.Yes
Load in kg9.00
Heat pump dryerYes
impervious to acids and easy to clean.Yes
Soft ribsYes
Clean filter indicationYes
Empty out container indicatorYes
Optical interfaceYes
PIN-Code Lock code Protection from use by third parties. The applicance can be protected by a PIN.Yes
Technical data
Appliance depth excluding door (for building-under) in mm600
Appliance depth in mm with opened door1054
Appliance global warming potential188.00
Dimensions in mm (depth)636
Dimensions in mm (height)850
Dimensions in mm (width)596
Frequency in Hz50
Fuse rating in A13
Length of supply lead in m2.00
Refrigerant global warming potential605
Refrigerant quantity in kg0.31
Total rated load in kW1.10
Type of coolantR450A
Weight in kg60
User convenience
Acoustics package for the lowest sound emissionsYes
Condensate containerYes
Delay start up to 24 hoursYes
Drying assistant Drying assistant Sound advice at all times: the Drying Assistant guides you reliably to perfect drying results.Yes
Favourite programmes Favourite programmes It doesn’t get more user-friendly – store your most frequent programmes incl. options as favourite programmes.Yes
Information text Information text Information texts give you valuable tips for a perfect washing/drying result.Yes
Integrated condensed water drainage Integrated condensed water drainage* Emptying not necessary: the condensation can be drained off via a hose directly into the sink or a U-tube.Yes
MultiLingua MultiLingua All-rounder: you can choose the language for the display so that you fully understand every piece of information.Yes
Time left displayYes
Time of day displayYes


T1 Heat-pump tumble dryer with SteamFinish, 1-9 kg load and WiFiConn@ct for smart laundry care.

  • MTouch – the appliance is controlled by tapping or swiping
  • Savings for the life of your tumble dryer - EcoDry technology
  • Less ironing thanks to SteamFinish
  • Very large loads 1-9 kg
  • Smart laundry care with WiFiConn@ct
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